AMOS is an original Miami born & bred artist. He comes from a graffiti background but has added painting abstract mural & characters to his arsenal. Graffiti is what he loves the most.


JUNE is homegrown Miami graffiti writer, deep rooted in classic style writing aka graffiti. He specializes in pieces, thrown ups and hand styles, the 3 essentials of graffiti. Especially on walls and trains.


SCOOP is an old school Miami graffiti writer. He started his career in the late 80's. He specializes in the classic subway, train style letters and traditional "mugs". He painted the 2 "mug" characters separating the 3 pieces in this production.

This piece was done in 2016 and it is a tremendous sign of respect that it's still there, almost undisturbed. In the world of public art, its accepted that nothing lasts forever.