CES, YES2, DOVES and MAST are all NYC based artists. They all come from a graffiti background and have transitioned to professional artists. From tattoo artist to scenic background artist for tv shows and commercials.

This mural is a collaboration that was solicited by the Museum of Graffiti for their grand opening during December 2019. The mural depicts the origins of graffiti, from the subway era in the 70's and 80's then transitioning to freight train art and street graffiti. Subsequently, the art form became popular and less taboo. People began photographing the art and it became unbelievably popular. The final section of the mural on the right side, shows a stamped passport and an iMessage of an artist landing in a foreign town reaching out to a fellow artist to go paint. This is common practice nowadays for artist traveling. We consider graffiti to be one of the first social networks.

@ces4wish https://cesism.com/



@indeliblefunk https://www.indeliblefunk.com/