DEIH (pronounced dey), illustrator and muralist from Valencia, Spain. DEIH is a part of XLF Crew (graffiti crew) and draws inspiration for his art by using a sense of introspection. Everything he paints he does with consideration of his internal monologue as well as his relationship with others and the world around him.

This mural depicts the moment in time when you (or any person) find your "diamond". DEIH suggests that when you as a human, conduct your life in a positive way... you have found your "diamond"... your stride in life. Notice the figure holding a huge diamond on the bottom left.

When you reach this diamond status in life, the universe will come to your aid and ask "How may I help you?". This subject is depicted by the overpowering image floating over the person holding the diamond.

This mural was painted in two days using a mix of acrylic paint and brush as well as spray paint.

Mural painted with acrylic paint for the Wynwood Walls; Art Basel 2018.