EDUARDO SANABRIA is a Venezuelan fine artist who traveled to Miami specifically to paint this mural. His style often incorporates themes of pop art while illustrating his subjects.

This mural was painted in July of 2020 as Miami coped with another surge in COVID-19 cases. The subject in the mural is Jose Gregorio Hernandez, a highly renowned Venezuelan doctor. It is believed that during his lifetime he was able to perform healing miracles like that of a saint on his patients, and was formally beatified by Pope Francis in 2020.


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Previous mural (2019)

Cloe Art by Chole Hakakian is a Los Angeles native self taught artist with broad style and experience using many different types of media ranging from spray paints, oil paints, acrylics, watercolors and everything in between.


Created December 2019 during Art Basel. This is the artists version of Cleopatra.