EVOCA1 is a muralist and sculptor born in the Dominican Republic. His name stems from the word "evocation," otherwise known as the act of bringing forth memories or emotions. Much of his work expands on this personal reflection and beckons those who view his work to do the same.

This mural was completed in August 2020 alongside of R House Wynwood restaurant as one of the first major murals in the area during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Previous mural by KOBRA, painted over August 2020

KOBRA is a Brazilian street artist known internationally for his eye-catching murals that include incredibly detailed portraits painted within his kaleidoscope color palette. One of the most stunning parts of his process is his ability to achieve photorealism within his work while still maintaining his bold colors and clean lines.

This mural depicts Kobra's version of his Mt.Rushmore of artists. He pays homage to (right to left) Warhol, Frida, Basquiat and Dali. The Mural done on the side of R House restaurant during Art Basel 2018.