EWOK ONE is a NYC-based graffiti artist. He's a member of 004 crew and is the creator of the Mr.Brainington collector's toy.

This mural was painted in October 2020 and depicts a Pacman-style Donald Trump, the current president of the United States. He's seen eating the "blue ghosts," which are also United States Postal Service mail boxes. This is commentary on Trump's reported efforts to undermine the postal service prior to the November 2020 elections, something that would significantly effect citizen's ability to mail-in their ballots. The COVID-19 virus cell is also painted within the chaos of the mural.


Previous Mural, December 2019-October 2020

WET PAINT painted by legendary graffiti writers WANE and PURSUE. Their work is accredited with bridging the gap between graffiti and skate culture. They both have an extensive background in graphic design and mural art and of course graffiti. .

This mural is part of the Wet Paint project painted during Art Basel 2019. The "Bunny Kitty" character is one of Wet Paint's signature characters. WANE & PURSUE (pronounced, per-su-ay) cleverly made a large scale mural camouflaging the "WET PAINT" (identical to the NYC "wet paint" signs) within the mural. They also managed to insert a tribute to a graffiti writer who passed away named "OIL". You can see the classic bubble letters on the hat of the character.