LAUREN YS is an LA based artist. She has painted all over the world. Her subject matter customarily explores dreams, mythology, love and sex.

This mural was painted December 2019. To be able to execute of that scale, artists use a lift. Heavy machinery to reach those hard to reach heights. This is one of the largest walls in Wynwood.


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PEDRO AMOS is Miami's son. An advocate for showcasing artists and spreading the importance of public art globally. He comes from a graffiti background. Starting his career in his hometown in 1994.

This mural was painted in December, 2017 for Basel House Mural Festival. The mural's named, "The Human Experiment". The colorful pebbles represent all of a persons dreams, fears, ambitions, thoughts. The black and white rips, that tears through the concise colors, represent obstacles that impair a person from a complete connection... with themselves.. knowledge of self