JUNE is a Miami native. He is a graffiti writer who specializes in trains.

DAKS is an Atlanta graffiti writer and Dungeon Family legend. Dr. Dax's work reflects years of spray painting train cars and walls throughout the south.



Both graffiti and fine artist raised in Miami. His work often uses bright colors in large lettering adorning portraits of his subjects over it.



This mural was painted as a tribute to Miami graffiti artist OILS who passed away in early 2010. It was painted by his crew mates (FS). This is not the first OIL tribute painted on this wall. This tribute has been refreshed and redone a few times before. Oil was a popular graffiti writer who early in his career did the illustrations for the famed graffiti magazine 12 OZ prophet. Berine "Oil" Perez was a dear friend of MBGG and he is missed everyday.