There are an eclectic bunch of artists on these panels on the south side of the RC Cola plant.

REKAL is a Miami native. His origins are rooted in graffiti, although he is a prolific graphic designer as well. He has a very creative mix of bubble and sharp edges to his letters in this piece.


CYST is a Venezuelan born artist who resides in Miami. His unique style graffiti is extremely technical and precise. Always clean and balanced. In this piece he blended a few greens for the "fill-in" and used a dark blue for outline. The yellow backsplash really makes the piece pop.


SLOMO is Venezuelan artist who shares his time between Barcelona and Miami. He paints in a geometrical and sharp line designs. He navigates between colors and contrasts. This mural was accomplished entirely in aerosol paint and was painted for Basel House Mural Festival December, 2018.


BUST ONE is an artist from the Netherlands. His art represents his life through his graffiti /pop art. He uses skillful, self-taught techniques and the use of cartoon characters as well as influences from the his childhood.

This mural was painted in December of 2018 for Basel House Mural Festival. He combined his graffiti style lettering with graphic design to create this mural.