RISK is LA based artist that comes from a graffiti background. RISK is one of the first artists to exhibit graffiti and street art in modern galleries. His work has transcended into washing colors meshing and running down the wall. He also has incorporated stencils and different paining tools in his works.



MOBE resides in Nashville, TN, MOBE's artwork explores the juxtaposition of sinister and lighthearted. His detailed portraits emphasize light sources and shadows and his work sits on walls across the United States and within the homes of those he commissions art for.


This mural brings combines the fine art with the illustration of the woman on the left painted by MOBE. In vibrant Miami colors and Miami written in a shadow by a wooden cut out glued at the top of the building.

This wall was part of a Basel House Mural Festival 2019 and sponsored by Monster Energy drinks.