SLICK is a Hawaiian-born artist with roots in Los Angeles. His "Mickey Mouse" hands are the most iconic and recognizable staples of his work.



RISK is an LA based artist that comes from a graffiti background. RISK is one of the first artists to exhibit graffiti and street in galleries. His work has transcended into washing colors meshing and running down the wall.



KWEST a Canadian artist best known for his iconic style of lettering and mechanical typography form. His shapes and letters add a technical touch to whatever canvas they're painted on.



This mural was done for Art Basel 2019 during the Basel House Festival. This mural collaboration highlights their background in fine art, by cleanly executed graphic imagery and architectural lines. Artist SLICK painted the hands on the top of the wall. RISK used auto-paint, paint sprayer and water to do the water down effect. He has also added a different stencil designs such as butterflies over top of the design.