SLICK is a Hawaiian-born artist with roots in Los Angeles. His "Mickey Mouse" hands are the most iconic and recognizable staples of his work.


RISK is an LA based artist that comes from a graffiti background. RISK is one of the first artists to exhibit graffiti and street in galleries. His work has transcended making him one of todays most famed artists.


KWEST is a Canadian artist best known for his iconic style of lettering and mechanical typography form. His shapes and letters add a technical touch to whatever canvas they're painted on.


MOBE resides in Nashville, TN, MOBE's artwork explores the juxtaposition of sinister and lighthearted. His detailed portraits emphasize light sources and shadows and his work sits on walls across the United States and within the homes of those he commissions art for.


This mural shows an array of techniques used by each artist with the focal point being the peace sign constructed of guns in the middle. Completed during Art Basel 2019.