SIPROS (left)

SIPROS is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has mastered the skill of painting (usually in all aerosol paint for murals) realistic portraits with a caricature element. The BIG ears. He started his artistic career in 1997.

This mural was painted for Basel House Mural Festival December 2018. It depicts a type of super hero with the mask and cape. Of course, the trademark big ears are prevalent.


Pedro Amos (right)

Pedro better known as AMOS is a Miami native. He officially launched his graffiti career in 1994. His art originated in the streets of his hometown. AMOS subsequently took his hobby to freight trains, transporting his name and unique style from one end of the continent to the other.

This mural is not graffiti. It is much more abstract expressionism and color theory. The shapes and colors in this mural are a large scale replica of a collage. AMOS, while helping his son with his homework, was cutting different color construction paper to make a family tree. The bits of those papers that fell to the floor were organized and made into a collage that was then painted for Basel House Mural Festival 2018.