SONNY, is an internationally renowned artist from South Africa. He has become most well-known for his majestic and intricate large-scale wildlife murals. He has maticulaously painted across the globe spreading the message of protecting the endangered species worldwide. His unique style of art blends realism with detailed coloring and shading. Sonny has gained admiration within the art world. His attention to global-environmental issues, makes him a prime example of someone who uses their platform for the greater good.

This mural was painted in December of 2017 for Basel House Mural Festival which takes place during Art Basel every year. Sonny, as any experienced Street Artist has to navigate with the obstacles of any building and environment. Notice the placement of the base of the Polar bear is approximately 8-9 feet above the floor. For muralists it is common for graffiti artists or vandals to "tag" or "bomb" the bottom of murals. So artists tend to start just higher that a vandal with a step stool.

What I admire about Sonny is his process. His first day of production he scales the wall with a loose sketch. But most importantly, he mixes all of his own paint. In this case to have a perfect gradient blend for the Polar bear's hair.