TREK6 is a Miami street artist who began painting at age 6, when his Puerto Rican grandmother gave him some paint from her art supply store. Now, three decades later, it's blossomed into a talent that's created some of mural-happy Miami's most recognizable walls


ISHMAEL moved around alot as a kid and slowly but surely painted graffiti for years in rural southern towns in states like Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina , Florida and Georgia. His art is inspired by the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.This is my own unique way to talk about this important message.


This boom box, has been a labor of love for TREK 6. He started painting this boom box in 2012. It was initially a concept painted by SONNI. Since then, TREK 6 has revamped it every year, sometimes collaborating with with different artist. This latest version of the boom box was painted in 2018 with TREK 6 and ISHMAEL.