The other 4 graffiti pieces in order from left to right:

ZAME, a New York graffiti artist and member of the FC crew painted in a traditional break-fast style in which the letters seem to be popping and locking as if breakdancing.


AMOS, a Miami artist painted in a traditional style, having his piece go all the way down to the sidewalk similar to the bottomless subway car pieces from the 80's.


KLASS, a New York graffiti pioneer, starting his career in the late 70's. Notice the classic connections between the letters and splash fill-in coming from the center. He also painted the checkers in the back that brings the whole wall together.


SECRET, an true old skool Miami graffiti writer has his roots and style from a classic NYC crew FC, which he is a member of. He painted all the characters in traditional "mugs style'.


This collaboration was painted on the studio of famed Brazilian artist Romero Britto. These 4 artist created this graffiti production in March of 2020, amidst the beginnings of the lock down due to Covid 19. SECRET painted a nice tribute portrait on the far right of the artist Romero Britto.